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The Music Therapy Association of Ghana (MTAG) was established on 23rd January 2014 with pioneering efforts by Mawuyrami Ocloo (nee Akoto) –Ghana’s first trained music therapist and with letters of support and recommendations from the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) and World Federation of Music Therapy (WFMT). This led to the subsequent approval of the practice of music therapy by the then Minister of Health, Hon. Sherry Ayittey. Music Therapy is now an accepted health profession and practice in Ghana under Regenerative Health. 
MTAG is a registered company, not-for-profit organization and Non Governmental Organization limited by guarantee with registration number CGO83942014
The aims of the Music Therapy Association of Ghana (MTAG) is to:
Pioneer and develop the practice of Music Therapy in Ghana
Education and creating awareness of music therapy in Ghana by organizing lectures, seminars, symposiums and workshops.
Advocate and train music therapists in Ghana
Research into the use of indigenous music and instruments in Music Therapy

Mawuyrami Ocloo

Executive Director

Mawulorm Batsa

Director, Center for Music Creativity, Sakumono, Ghana

Makafui Michael Ocloo

Administrative Director

Prof. Emeritus J. H. K. Nketia


Emerita Prof. Elizabeth Ardayfio-Schandorf


Dr. Vivien A. Akoto

Patron (Senior Medical Doctor, University of Ghana Hospital, Legon, Ghana)

Mr. Moses Ocloo

Patron (Former President, Full Gospel Business Mens Fellowship, Airport Ghana)
Defining music therapy is vital in understanding what it is. According to the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA), Music Therapy is defined as “the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program”.  In a therapeutic relationship involving a client and music therapist, goals for the client are key. Goals targeted may include cognitive, physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological and/or other goals related to the welfare of the client. Thus Music Therapy involves a therapeutic interaction between a certified music therapist and client aimed at meeting individualized goals for a client or goals for a group involved in therapy. 
Music Therapists work in schools, hospitals, community centers, nursing homes, homes, rehabilitations centers, correctional communities and at other locations with a number of different populations individually or in group settings. 
The following is a brief list of some populations music therapists work with: 
Infants: premature infants and full term infants
Children’s populations and special need groups with various disabilities and impairments 
Young adults and teens facing various challenges such substance abuse, depression, trauma and others
Adults and geriatric populations including adults with stroke, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, dementia and other illnesses.
Music therapists work on addressing individualized and group goals for clients based on their assessments and needs.  Music Therapists utilize pitch, rhythm, melody, timbre and other elements of music instrumentally, vocally and otherwise creatively,  including evidenced based clinical practices to help meet individualized or group goals. Music Therapists interact and connect with clients based on individual assessments and goals. Some goals music therapists work on are:
bonding between parents for premature infants 
academic educational goals
Pain management, relaxation etc
Reminiscence, Gait enhancement training for stroke clients and other goals
Currently Music therapy is a growing field and is practiced in the United States of America, Great Britain, South Africa, Canada, Australia, Korea, Cyprus, Brazil, Germany, Finland, and  other countries around the world. 
For more details on music therapy in countries around the world, please visit the following websites:
American Music Therapy Association 
British Association for Music Therapy


 The Music Therapy Association of Ghana welcomes individuals who wish to join as professionals, students, and patrons. MTAG represents and presents a platform for music therapists from all over the world to come and practice in Ghana and West Africa. Whether you are a music therapist, musician, artist or individual interested in music therapy, here is your opportunity to join and connect with MTAG.


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International Student membership (ISM) is open to music therapy students all over the world and students enrolled in other academic courses. 



This is open to board certified music therapists and professionals in other professions from all over the world, to affiliate and join.
With various benefits that include access to available resources, connecting with music therapists here in Ghana, research and work related  information.



This offers membership to an individual, organization, institution, or group to offer support to MTAG.
However, Patrons are welcome to offer as they so wish as per their discretion and voluntarily support for programs by MTAG.




Individual and Group sessions are available for interested persons. After an initial assessment, a therapist will then make recommendations concerning treatment.

Workshops, Symposiums, Lectures, Career Development programs

In order to build and create awareness of Music Therapy, MTAG hosts various workshops and other educational events. Kindly click on events to view upcoming events.
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Given the mandate by the Ministry of Health Ghana to train, examine and assess music therapists, their works and institutions, The Institute of Music Therapy Ghana was formed in July 2016 to further the education, training and development of music therapy in Ghana, West Africa. The Institute serves as the training wing of the Association.
Currently various courses in music therapy are offered. Certificate courses, equivalency degree programs for degree holders, music competency courses and music therapy internships. 

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