Biography of Mawuyrami Ocloo


Mawuyrami Ocloo (nee Akoto)  is a intricately diverse individual born, bred and "buttered" in three distinct countries, namely Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana. Various experiences in these countries have helped shape and enriched her life. Most significantly of these is her musical journey which begun at the age of 8 years when her Dad, Mr. Robert Senami Akoto asked her elder sister Mawulorm to teach her and her younger brother how to play the piano with support from her Mom, Dr. Vivien Akoto.
Over 15 years later, this immense investment in her life, which she personally describes as "a blessing and gift", has now blossomed into other musical skills such as playing the guitar, singing, working with choirs, therapeutically interacting with clients, teaching students, playing as a church pianist/organist in numerous churches, piano accompanist and inspiring stage performances. One of these memorable performances was before former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela at the Youth Day Celebrations on June 16th, 1996 and former President Mr. Thabo Mbeki in 1998 in addition to numerous other performances around the globe.
Mawuyrami Ocloo (nee Akoto) received her first degree in Sociology and Information Studies and a Diploma in Statistics from University of Ghana, Legon. She also graduated with a degree and masters in music therapy with Magna cum laude honors from Maryville University of St. Louis, Missouri. Mawuyrami is a pioneer in music therapy in Ghana (the 1st officially trained Music Therapist in Ghana ). She established the Music Therapy Association of Ghana (MTAG) which champions the course of music therapy in Ghana, West Africa.
MTAG was instrumental and advocated the inclusion of music therapy to health professions in Ghana. This was approved and endorsed by the Ministry of Health, and now music therapy is found under Regenerative Health in Ghana.