Training Institude Of Music Therapy Ghana

Given the mandate by the Ministry of Health Ghana to train, examine and assess music therapists, their works and institutions, The Institute of Music Therapy Ghana was formed in July 2016 to further the education, training and development of music therapy in Ghana, West Africa. The Institute serves as the training wing of the Association.
Currently basic courses in music therapy are being offered, music therapy internships, in addition to an equivalency program for music degree holders are being offered. Kindly email: for more information.

Below is a list of some courses offered.
Music Therapy Certificate courses

Introduction to music therapy

Foundations in music therapy


Music and Early childhood

Music Competency Courses include:

Music Theory I, II, III

Ear Training I, II

Piano, Voice and Guitar Courses for children and adults

Training for soloists, praise and worship teams, choirs

Practicum and Internships for students

Support Us

As music therapy is a new field in Ghana, MTAG is highly involved in raising awareness in order to pioneer and develop music therapy as a practice in Ghana, West Africa. If you wish to support the Education, Advocacy & Awareness of Music Therapy, and Training of Music Therapists in Ghana, kindly do so via the following link: