MTAG History

The Music Therapy Association of Ghana (MTAG) was established on 23rd January 2014 with pioneering efforts by Mawuyrami Ocloo (nee Akoto) –Ghana’s first trained music therapist and with letters of support and recommendations from the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) and World Federation of Music Therapy (WFMT). This led to the subsequent approval of the practice of music therapy by the then Minister of Health, Hon. Sherry Ayittey. Music Therapy is now an accepted health profession and practice in Ghana under Regenerative Health.
MTAG is a registered company, not-for-profit organization and Non Governmental Organization limited by guarantee with registration number CGO83942014.

Support Us

As music therapy is a new field in Ghana, MTAG is highly involved in raising awareness in order to pioneer and develop music therapy as a practice in Ghana, West Africa. If you wish to support the Education, Advocacy & Awareness of Music Therapy, and Training of Music Therapists in Ghana, kindly do so via the following link: